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Fencing Information and Guides

Beginner Fencers’ Guide written by coach Toby Lee is available to help guide you through the sport of fencing in detail.

Tournament Checklist What to bring to a tournament

Cleaning Gear Suggestions to help keep your gear clean and fresh by Coach Toby Lee and Deborah Li

Tournaments for the 2019-2020 fencing season Some advice on signing up for various levels of fencing tournaments for the 2019-2020 season by Coach Toby Lee and Yukiko Lee

Strip Coaching A parent's guide to coaching your fencer at a tournament by Coach Toby Lee

Home Drills A parent's guide to some drills to practice at home by Coach Toby Lee

Fencing Clinic at University of Puget Sound 2019 Clinic notes including drills and games for University of Puget Sound Fencing Club by Coach Toby Lee and Coach Benjamin Lee


Conditioning Drills by Coach Chung with his son Yeongbin. Video edited by Sofia.

Basic Fencing Footwork by Coach Toby with his family Benjamin and Andrew. Video edited by Christopher and Yukiko.

Advance Lunge Drill (Glove Game) by Coach Toby with his family Benjamin and Andrew. Video edited by Christopher.

Unstoppable Lunge by Coach Toby with his family Benjamin and Andrew. Video edited by Christopher.

Home Ping Pong Ball Drill by Coach Toby and Christopher.

Replacing a Broken Electric Foil Blade with a purchased replacement blade that is wired, cut, and bent by Coach Toby and Christopher.

Home Armory Tour by Coach Toby.

Exchange drills and homemade practice sword by Coach Chris.

Parries plus exchange drill by Coach Chris.

Engagement plus parry 4 drill by Coach Chris.

Useful Links

USA Fencing. National Governing Body for USA fencing. Everyone at the club must have at minimum a non-competitive membership ($10). To participate in any sanctioned tournaments, must become a competitive member ($75) for the season. Membership information is here.

Askfred Sign up for tournaments here. Results are also posted here.

USA Fencing Tournament Browser Sign up for regional and National tournaments here.

Equipment vendors

The Fencing Post All your equipment needs available at different price points.

Leon Paul London and Leon Paul USA More expensive but top quality brand. With the current state of the British pound, it may be more economical to purchase from London store than from US store even with the added shipping.

Rain City Fencing Center in Bellevue has all the basic gear if you want to go somewhere local to try on gear.

Blue Gauntlet Fencing and Absolute Fencing Gear have beginner sets as well as other equipment.

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United States Fencing Coaches Association

US Fencing Referees' Commission

Magic Cat

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MTFC Documents and Forms

MTFC Safesport Policy Expectations to help keep our fencers and staff safe

MTFC Children Supervision Policy Expectations to help keep an eye on our little ones at the club

MTFC Instructions for Acuity to book, reschedule, or cancel private lessons

MTFC Safety Gear Policy Required safety equipment

MTFC Open Fencing Policy Some expectations and guidelines

MTFC Armory Guidelines Broken equipment and repairs

MTFC Financial Aid Form Apply for Financial Aid

USA Fencing Pool Score Sheet Pool Score Sheet

USA Fencing Team Score Sheet Team Relay Score Sheet

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