Metro Tacoma Fencing Club

The Home of Sport Fencing in the South Puget Sound

Open Fencing and Private lessons

Open Fencing

Casual foil and epee bouting for intermediate fencers and above. For those in beginner classes, ask your coach if you are ready for open fencing. There will be no formal instruction. Free for those enrolled at MTFC. Drop-in fee of $20/session required for non-MTFC. Email to enroll in a monthly membership. USA Fencing membership (competitive or non-competitive) required for drop-ins. Sign up below.

Private lessons

Schedule a Private lesson from the link below.

Private lessons are an important part of a complete training program to help a fencer improve and progress in this sport. It is helpful at all levels of ability. Private lessons can help the recreational fencer improve faster than in classes or open fencing alone. Private lessons are essential for every fencer who is competing at a high level. It may also be appropriate for some young fencers depending on interest and maturity. These individual lessons will allow a fencer dedicated time to practice the blade work (both offensive and defensive), footwork, timing, and distance that is much more difficult to perfect with other fencers who are just learning the sport. The coach will be able to practice more and more complex actions as the fencer progresses. Additionally, strategy and tactics are incorporated into these sessions.

Private Lesson Fees

If only taking private lessons (i.e. not enrolled in a class), monthly club fee of $75/month or drop-in fee of $20/lesson required. If taking weekly classes, no additional club fee is required.

Coach Kim $40 for a 25 minute session with monthly club fee or drop-in fee.

Coach Chung $45 for a 25 minute session with monthly club fee or drop-in fee.

Double Lesson Fees

Coach Kim $70 for 50 minutes with monthly club fee or drop-in fee.

The 50 minute session can be for one person or for two people.

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