Metro Tacoma Fencing Club

The Home of Sport Fencing in the South Puget Sound

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors at Metro Tacoma Fencing Club (MTFC) are a passionate group of volunteers who spend countless hours helping to guide the club. Together with the coaches we strive to ensure a safe and welcoming atmosphere as well as the highest level of instruction for all of our fencers. We oversee the financial health of the club. We always welcome other volunteers who want to contribute to our community. Please do not hesitate to reach out to any of our board members with questions, concerns, or suggestions. We can be found frequently at the club with our children or can be reached at

All our board members have passed the USA Fencing background check and have completed the SafeSport training.

MTFC Board of Directors

Tobias Lee, MD (President). Toby has been a member of Metro Tacoma Fencing Club (MTFC) since 2008 and a volunteer coach since 2009. He wants to support all our members and coaches whether they enjoy fencing for fitness and recreation or have aspirations at the highest levels of national and international competitions. He is hoping to have more open board meetings, more visibility of our Board of Directors to our membership, and more input from our members as to the direction of the club. His wife Yukiko is the administrator for MTFC, a former member of the Board of Directors, and took the beginner foil class years ago. He and all three of his boys Andrew, Benjamin, and Christopher fence and compete regularly at local and national tournaments. Additional information about Toby can be found at

Diane Bartels, MD (Vice President). Diane has been an active member of Metro Tacoma Fencing Club (MTFC) since 2017 when her son Marc started fencing. Marc currently fences epee with Coach Dana. Diane has been an energetic volunteer at MTFC for several years and joined the board in 2019. She is dedicated to sharing the sport of fencing with our community and helping kids find their life sport in order to establish healthy routines at a young age. She is a community pediatrician and her family lives on a small farm in Gig Harbor with a variety of animals. Her daughter, Anna, so far has resisted the fencing bug, but rides horses and is a gymnast. The family loves to travel, boat, camp and hike together.

Scott Poehlmann, MD (Treasurer) Scott fenced foil in college for the University of Texas in the early 1980s, but left the sport to pursue his medical training after college. He is a practicing Urogynecologic surgeon in Pierce County. He reconnected with fencing through his anesthesia colleague Dr. Joe Jasper (Coach Joe) in 2015 and he and his son, Ulrich, started with an intro fencing course. Ulrich has pursued epee with Coach Chris, while Scott is working with Coach Joe on saber and Coach Chris on foil and epee. He is interested in developing the recreational and lifetime fencing component of MTFC, making sure the club has a stable financial footing, and can reach more families and fencers (both new and old) throughout the greater Tacoma area.

Ji Yon Kim (Secretary) Ji has been a member and fencing parent at MTFC since February 2013. She has served on the Board of Directors since 2015, first as an at-large member and later as Secretary in 2017. All four of her kids are competitive foil and épée fencers. Her oldest daughter Helen fences in the NCAA for the Cornell University fencing team. Her other children, Gracie, Jackson, and Harrison, compete in foil and train with Coaches Kwangsuk Chung and JiSun Kim. As a faculty member of the Upper School for Boys, Ji has been instrumental in forging a partnership with Annie Wright Schools to create a fencing program and has introduced the great sport of fencing to their school community.

Jose Porras (At-large member) Jose is a very active, positive person who has enjoyed sports all his life. He played many sports growing up and in his adult life he has spent the most time with soccer, squash, and running. He believe sports are the foundation for a balanced, happy life that teaches all--but especially children--the basic principals of a successful lifestyle. Life is not easy but the commitment, dedication, and enjoyment of what you do makes the probability of success very high, all of which you get through sports. He moved from Guatemala a little over 4 years ago. His kids love it here especially for the opportunity that living in the USA gives them for playing more sports. He believe in planning and creating a shared vision in order to accomplish goals. He hopes to bring some of the success that he has had in his personal life to help create and accomplish those goals for Metro Tacoma Fencing Club. He studied business in Guatemala and got his Masters Degree in Madrid, Spain in business as well. He works for the floral industry as a chief financial officer (CFO) and chief operating officer (COO). He and his family are very happy to be part of the Metro Tacoma family.

Lisa Wonneberg (At-large member). Lisa is the mother of Luke who participates in the intermediate class with coach Kim twice a week, and Kate who is a student in the beginner class. Both kids enjoy weekly lessons from coach Keyon. Her family has been members of the club since May of 2018. She spent her youth playing club soccer and played collegiately at the University of Wisconsin Madison. Lisa is a Registered Dietitian and trains as a competitive ultra runner. She is a new fencing student enjoying the weekly parent class with coach Andy. It has been such a joy for her family to learn and grow in this wonderful sport of fencing. Lisa loves the welcoming community feel she gets every time she walks through the doors at MTFC.

MTFC Youth Athlete Representative

Brian Li (Youth Athlete Representative). Brian was selected as the first Metro Tacoma Fencing Club Youth Athlete Representative for 2019-2020 by the board of directors and will hold this non-voting position through the 2021-22 season. He attends board meetings and gives feedback from a youth perspective. He acts as a substitute coach when requested, and regularly volunteers in the Competitive Epee class. He has also run successful non-sanctioned tournaments. Brian is responsible to connect with the students on a regular basis to hear their ideas, suggestions, and concerns. As the Youth Athlete Representative, he will work to actively support the mission of the club with the board through outreach and education.

Sofia Guerra (Youth Athlete Representative). Sofia was selected as the second Metro Tacoma Fencing Club Youth Athlete Representative for 2021-2022 by the board of directors and predecessor Youth Athlete Representative Brian Li. She will hold this non-voting position for the season. She has organized fundraising tournaments to help send MTFC fencers to the 2021 National Championships. Sofia has been a competitive fencer at MTFC since 2014 and is very passionate about the sport. She attends Annie Wright Schools. As the Youth Athlete Representative, she will continue to work to support the mission of the club with the board through outreach and education.