Metro Tacoma Fencing Club

The Home of Sport Fencing in the South Puget Sound

About Us

The mission of Metro Tacoma Fencing Club (MTFC) is to provide a safe and friendly environment in the Tacoma and Pierce County area for individuals to learn, practice or teach fencing in order to promote fencing as great exercise, competitive sport and recreational activity. MTFC prides itself on having an inclusive, friendly and relaxed atmosphere where friendships develop naturally. We have a lively, social, and supportive member base.

MTFC is a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization with a core mission to foster national and international amateur sports competition by supporting and developing amateur athletes for national and international amateur fencing competitions in accordance with the Internal Revenue Code.

We offer foil, epee, and sabre modern fencing. MTFC is affiliated with the Western Washington Division of USA Fencing. Our coaches are qualified instructors in all three fencing sport weapons.